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47th Sir Baron Jayatilaka Memorial Lecture

The 47th Sir Baron Jayatilaka Memorial Lecture will be held on Friday ...

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Founders' Day Alms Giving

 The ‘Annual Sangika Dana’ was held on 17th January 2015 in m...

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Welcome to Young Men's Buddhist Association

The YMBA has been present in Sri Lanka Since 1898 with a single goal in mind. As one of the key Buddhist movements in the country the YMBA has adhered to promoting the teachings of the Buddha Dhamma to the youth...

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Objectives of the Colombo YMBA

1. To provide facilities for, and to foster the study and the propagation of the Buddha Dhamma.
2. To encourage the practical observance of the Buddha Dhamma.
3. To promote unity and co-operation among Buddhists.
4. To advance the moral, cultural, physical and social welfare of Buddhists. and
5. To promote the interests of Buddhis...

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About YMBA

Since the arrival of foreigners on the shores of Ceylon and the conquest of the whole country by the British in 1815, the most epoch-making event in the history of Buddhism in this country was the arrival of Colonel Henry Stele Olcott in 1880. His arrival marked the beginning of the Buddhist revival and the drive towards giving Buddhism its rightful place in...

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Published as a Weekly Journal from December 1888 to December 1889 52 publications

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